Lacquerware @ Bagan

Lacquerware is one of the famous handicrafts made in Bagan.

Bagan Lacquerware (2)

The workmanship seemed to be fairly sophisticated and at par with those made in Japan and China.

Bagan Lacquerware (6)

Of course, tourists should take precautions on the lower quality lacquerware sold on the roadside stalls.

Bagan Lacquerware (5)

The manufacturing process of lacquerware is labour intensive and tedious.

Bagan Lacquerware (3) 

It started with bamboo base structure, and sometimes tied with horse hair.

Bagan Lacquerware (7)

Layers and layers of lacqeur saps are applied to the vessels (by hand).

Bagan Lacquerware (8)

The items are air dried in the cellar. Decorative arts are later carved or painted onto the vessels or furniture.

Bagan Lacquerware (4)

There are other Burmese handicrafts like umbrella and longyi (besides the gemstones).

Bagan Lacquerware (1)

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