Old Bagan

Old Bagan has many temples within the city wall. Tourists could literally walk from one temple to another.

Old Bagan (1)

Viewed from interior of Pahtothamya Temple (name to be confirmed). We also climbed up this unknown stupa to have a panorama view of Old Bagan.

Old Bagan (2)

Next to the temple is old of the oldest Pagoda in Bagan, Ngakywenadaung Pagoda. The architecture was labelled as ‘Type I’ from the Sri Keshtra era (10th century).


The cylindrical doom was covered with glaze tiles, measured at 13 meters.

Ngakywenadaung (2)

One minute walk from ‘the earing of Ngakywe’ was the Thatbyinhyu Temple. The name means ‘Omniscience of the Buddha’, which was a Type II architecture.

Thatbyinnyu Pahto (2)

It was amazing to see such a tall double-storey building (201 feet)  built almost a thousand years ago.

Thatbyinnyu Pahto (1)

It was cooling to walk inside the temple.

Thatbyinnyu Pahto (3)

Gawdawpalin Temple nearby was a Type III temple (180 feet, 11 century).

Gawdawpalin (1)

There were few gilded Buddha statues inside the temple. Do you notice the different Buddha expressions?

Gawdawpalin (3)

One would also notice that the most common posture was the sitting Buddha with right hand rest on one leg, fingers pointing downwards. This hand gesture is known as ‘touching the earth’. You can also find other hand gestures:

– meditation (both hands lying flat on the lap)

– Absence of fear (palm facing outwards, fingers pointing upwards)

– Reasoning (thumb and middle finger touching each other, palm facing outwards0

– charity (right palm extended, like receiving alms)

– etc.

Gawdawpalin (2) 

I am not an expert but just curious what does all the different clothing, posture, gesture meant. Touching the earth is symbolic to the letting go of desires and egos.

We also visited Mahabodi Pagoda. The building was modeled from the renowed Mahabodhi Temple in India, where Buddha attained enlightenment.

Mahabodi Pagoda (2)

We did not count if there was really thousand sitting Buddha statues in this temple, but you could see the entire pagoda and surrounding have enclosed sitting Buddha images in niches.

Mahabodi Pagoda (3)

It was interesting to walk around to see the many small Buddha status surrounding the building.

Mahabodi Pagoda (1)

On our way to Ananda, we stopped by Shwegugyi. The temple was build on a rock, over looking the Royal Palace.

Shwegugyi (1)

The Buddha images have gold foils adhere to the statue by the devotees.

Shwegugyi (2)

you could see the ancient wooded doors inside the temple.

Shwegugyi (3)

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