Sulamani Pahto (Bagan)

One of the larger temples in Bagan constructed in 1181. Sula-mani means small ruby in Burmese, or the ‘crowning jewel’. King Narapatishithu found a ruby at the current site and decided to  build a elaborate temple to mark his good fortune.

Sulamani Pahto (3)

Sulamani Pahto is  2-storey brick building.

Sulamani Pahto (7)

We walked around the exterior compound (spacious), some decorative glaze plaques are still visible.

Sulamani Pahto (1)

Before we could tour the interior, our driver come and fetch me to see the ‘cow come home’.

So we rush to Pyathada Pagoda to really see cows going home, and therefore we miss the opportunity for the interior views at Sulamani Pahto. i only managed to have a glimpse of a faded mural at one of the side entrance.

Sulamani Pahto (5)

To bad we miss the tour but hey, there are still plenty of Buddha image in Bagan.

Sulamani Pahto (4)

The temple could be viewed from far.

Sulamani Pahto (2)

The evening sunlight brought out the texture of the brick works.

Sulamani Pahto (6)

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