Nyaung-U Market

The morning market in Nyaung-U is an oasis to some tourists who need time out from the endless temple-hopping in Bagan.

Nyaung-U Market (1)

Bagan situates in the dry area of Myanmar. So all the leafy vegetables are grown in the river bank or remote villages. In the past, the farmers have to wake carry the crops on their back and shoulder, walk 20 miles to the market to sell their produces. After the sales, they walk home and prepare dinner, and start over again on the next day. Now with the transportation truck, the farmers can share and ride on motor vehicles that safe them lots of effort.

Nyaung-U Market (12)

The morning market is more interesting than Bogyoke Aung San Market in Yangon.

Nyaung-U Market (9)

Under the shady and dim canopies, I felt like walking in the era of Aladdin.

Nyaung-U Market (3) 

There is an annex section selling souvenirs to tourists. I prefer the sections frequented by the locals.

Nyaung-U Market (4)

There are more dried foods than wet foods.

Nyaung-U Market (5)

Corns, potatoes, tomatoes etc. vegetables are more suitable for the dry climate.

Nyaung-U Market (2)

Locals are normally wearing slippers or bare feet, and skilfully balancing their ‘LV’ basket on their heads.

Nyaung-U Market (6)

Like everywhere else in Bagan, the road is dirt road, so one should not expect Carrefour or Walmart kind of air-conditioning marketplace.

Nyaung-U Market (7)

The interest sight is the endless piles of vegetables on the floor.

Nyaung-U Market (11)

Buyers have to bend over or squad down to choose the fresh purchase.

Nyaung-U Market (8)

It is colourful and busy in every corner.

Nyaung-U Market (13)

If you like to visit marketplace, the morning market in Nyaung-U is a good stop.

Nyaung-U Market (10)

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