Minnanthu Village (Bagan)

After a millennium, only thousands of stone stupa and temples surviving the harsh environment on the Bagan plain. The bamboo and wood houses built during the hay days have been long gone.


Minnanthu Village is a farming village nearby New Bagan that still maintains the way of life for centuries.

Minnanthu Village (4)

The land is dry so only selected crops could be grow on these land during dry season. Peanuts, cotton, and sesame etc.

Minnanthu Village (3)

Local guide will show you around the mock-up stations of the daily life of the villages. You could contribute by giving tips or purchase something.Tourism is another sources of income to the village.

Minnanthu Village (2)

The village is a  good stop over when you are ‘temple-hopping’ in Bagan.

Minnanthu Village (5)

It is a good place to have a peek into the livelihood in Bagan currently, and in the past.

Minnanthu Village (1)

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