Ngahtatgyi Paya 5-storey sitting Buddha

We walked across the street from Chaukhtatgyi Pagoda  to Ngahtatgyi Paya. This temple houses an impressive seated Buddha image.

Ngahtatgyi Paya (1)

It could be the most elaborate and beautiful status in the country. Take a closer look at the semi-precious stones and gems on the statue.

Ngahtatgyi Paya (3)

The roof and backdrop were made out of beautifully carved wood.

Ngahtatgyi Paya (2)

Entrance fee is USD2 per pax, with a small bottle of free mineral water.

Ngahtatgyi Paya (4)

The hall was dim and lit by natural light. It gave a serene feel to the ambience.

Ngahtatgyi Paya (5) 

We choose to walk up the stairway although you could hire a car to drop off at the small hill top. It was only a 5 minutes walk up the staircases.

Ngahtatgyi Paya (7)

You could see few interesting buildings on the right.

Ngahtatgyi Paya (6)

30 minutes should be sufficient to complete a short visit to Ngahtatgyi Paya.

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