Wet Market on 26th Street (Yangon)

There are few wet markets in Yangon. The small but busy morning market at 26th Street is within walking distance from Bogyoke Aung San Market.

Yangon wet market (6)

The best time to visit this street market is 7 to 9am.

Yangon wet market (7)

The market could be covered within 30 minutes but it has lots of local produces.

Yangon wet market (8)

Not everyone like to step into the wet market because of the wet floor and smelly marketplace.

Yangon wet market (10)

Personally, I think the wet market is the best place to learn what the locals eat and see the ingredients in their pre-cook forms.

Yangon wet market (12)

Marketplace is colourful, with bustling sights and sounds.

Yangon wet market (5)

Some vendors may not like their picture to be taken, so it is courtesy to ask for permission.

Yangon wet market (3)

I prefers to use a wide lens to take pictures at marketplace due to the tight space.

Yangon wet market (9)

You could see few adventurous traveller in the market, but it was less than a handful.

Yangon wet market (11)

Most tourists would rather visit Bogyoke market to buy souvenir instead of getting their feet dirty.

Yangon wet market (4)

In the afternoon, you could see the vendors are more relaxing after the peak hours.

Yangon wet market (2)

It would say that the market at 26th street is more interesting than Bogyoke market.

Yangon wet market (1)

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