Burmese @ Bagan

Bagan is a rural tourist town, so the local folks live in different lifestyle than the Burmese in city like Yangon.

Burmese (4)

Bagan situates in the dry region of Myanmar, so tourism becomes the main economy as crops could hardly grow.

Burmese (10)

visitors could meet some locals whose full time job is to pose for photo.

Burmese (5)

Tourism is expected to boom in 2013 when Myanmar is hosting 2013 ASEAN Games in the new capital Naypyidaw.

Burmese (3)

The government just relaxing the regulations for locals to certified as tour guides.

Burmese (1)

Soon, more tourists could be guided by locals with thanaka powder on face or red teeth chewing betel nuts.

Burmese (2)

If you stay in New Bagan, you could meet more locals in their residential homes. Nyaung-U has more backpackers while Old Bagan hosts the high end resorts.

Burmese (9)

The country is gradually opening up its door to the foreign visitors. Tourism incomes could be one of the good source of income (for the authority) and the common people.

Burmese (7)

We will visit Myanmar again and see the progress in the next few years.

Burmese (8)

Myanmar is a beautiful country with many peace-loving folks.

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