Yangon Circular Train Ride

If you have one (1) US dollar and three (3) hours to spare, you could take a ride on a time capsule back to the 60s-70s on the circle line from Yangon Train Station.

Yangon Circle Line Train (21)

The ride brings visitors to see another side of Yangon.

Yangon Circle Line Train (13)

Once you arrive at the train station, you can ask for direction where to take the circular train. The officers or guards will direct to take the overhead bridge to platform between #6 and #7.

Yangon Circle Line Train (3)

My first thought was “that sounds like Harry Potter King’s Cross Station platform 9 3/4”.

Yangon Circle Line Train (1)

After showing my passport and crisp USD1 bill (per pax), we were waiting for the 8:20am ride on a clockwise route.

Yangon Circle Line Train (2)

You could see some passengers sleeping on the platform while waiting for their train.

Yangon Circle Line Train (4)

I recommend to take the 8:20am ride because it is more puncture, and in case of any breakdown, you won’t be caught in a remote station after dark. Another main reason is that the train will be passing by few local markets where they are busy during morning hours.

Yangon Circle Line Train (12)

The entire circuit takes 3 hours. If you get off too early on a short ride, you could be missing some activities at the more remote stations.

Yangon Circle Line Train (9)

The cabin were made of wood, and the sitting style of the passengers vary.

Yangon Circle Line Train (6)

You don’t see that very often in New York subway or the London tube.

Yangon Circle Line Train (5)

It was fascinating to meet the locals in the cabin.

Yangon Circle Line Train (8)

The boy was more interested at the outside views.

Yangon Circle Line Train (7)

Tourists should take precaution and not advisable to get off the train in the middle of the journey. The main reason is because the train only pauses momentarily (about 10 seconds) and moves on.

Yangon Circle Line Train (14)

Some passengers have many luggage and little time to get on board or get off the train. If this lady was 20 years younger, she could have climbed through the window.

Yangon Circle Line Train (19)

This gentleman has few large bags of goods to off load. So the technique he employed was to drop off each bag along the track before the train reaching the station.

Yangon Circle Line Train (16)

Tourists could just sit and watch lives go by with bustling activities. Vendors were on and off the train with different goods to offers: fruits, boiled egg, hot and cold drinks, dry shrimp???

Yangon Circle Line Train (17)

Nicely prepared flower-shape ice-cream cone.

Yangon Circle Line Train (18)

Passengers were carrying furniture, purchases and the photo below was ‘mango plucking tool’ made of bamboo.

Yangon Circle Line Train (15)

As time went by, the cabin getting more and more crowded. It was time to focus on the rural scenes outside of Yangon.

Yangon Circle Line Train (22)

The circular line is 45KM, so you could really see how the local really live at the outskirt of Yangon city.

Yangon Circle Line Train (20)

I enjoyed the journey and it was a US dollar well spent for 3 hours.

Yangon Circle Line Train (23)

There is an officer in every cabin to maintain the order, but he allowed tourist to stand by the entrance as long as you do not block the traffic flow.

Yangon Circle Line Train (10)

I used to stand like this at the bus ride to school but do not do this as a moving train could be dangerous. Safety first.

Yangon Circle Line Train (11)

All the shots were taken with the moving train, so you could see the blurry images. The market scene was the most interesting because you could see the layout of the vegetables and fish were centimetres below the train cabin.

It was hard to imagine I was on this train yesterday (or 1960s). Today, I am back to 2013.

Yangon Circle Line Train (24)

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