Batu Dam

We drove to Ulu Yam Lama to eat the Lor Mee this afternoon.

Batu Dam (2)

Today was my first time testing a water proof point-and-shoot camera. I also brought it to Sungai Sendat Waterfall and Sungai Tua for a ‘bath’.

Sungai Tua Selangor State Park

It was a fun half-day trip to the Ulu Yam and spent about an hour with the photowalk.

Batu Dam (6)

The lead photographers for the photowalk on 3pm today were Athena Carey and Sanjitpaal Singh, both 2012 IPA Winners.

Batu Dam (5)

I took a few quick shots to join the fun.

Batu Dam (3)

We passed by Ulu Dam this morning on our way to Ulu Yam. It was interesting to see the anglers no longer use fish hook to fish. They tied the bait on top of a short net to lure the fish (no hook was used). when the red Talapia bitten the bait, the angler would pull the net on the end of the fish rod to hook the scales and fins. It was an eye opener for me.

Batu Dam (1)

The dam has a lot of Talapia, catfish and even snakehead fish. The catchment lake of Ulu Dam attracts many anglers on weekend. You can buy the caught fish from the angler, about RM1 or RM2 per KG.

Batu Dam (7)

May be I should also do fishing as hike and seek are not my type of activities.

Batu Dam (4)

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