Tropical Paradise = Pulau Redang

April to July is the best time to visit some of tropical islands on east coast of Peninsular Malaysia.

Pulau Redang Long Beach (3)

Pulau Redang is one of the most popular islands, made famous by the Chinese Movie 《夏日的麽麽茶》. The replica of the movie set is now a grocery store.

More More Tea Inn

Tourists are drawn to Pulau Redang for its crystal clear turquoise colour water.

Pulau Redang Long Beach (6) 

The water is so clear and tempting that I almost want to drink it.

Pulau Redang Long Beach (7)

Long Beach is THE happening beach front to stay. Don’t stay in any other beach resort that is isolated (some don’t even have a descent beach for swimming).

Pulau Redang Long Beach (5)

You can walk from one end of the Long Beach to another in less than 30 minutes.

Pulau Redang Long Beach (2)

The sand is so fine and coral fish swim to the beach that is waist deep. I am stunt by its beauty, and utter only one word “paradise”.

Pulau Redang Long Beach (4)

I follow the travel etiquette:

“Took nothing except of photograph; kill nothing but time and leave nothing except the foot steps.”

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