Songkran 2013 @ Wat Chetawan

Happy Thai New Year to all the people who celebrate Songkran.

Songkran 2013 (2)

Since there is no official venue for Songkran celebration in Kuala Lumpur, the Thai Buddhist Chatawan Temple is hosting the Songkran at the temple compound for many revellers to celebrate the festival.Songkran 2013 (13)

Be ready to get wet, with powder and water gun aiming at you. I have wet bucket unintentionally thrown at me. Luckily Songkran is about water and not throwing durian fruit.

Songkran 2013 (7)

Some people like to have more fun with icy water.

Songkran 2013 (9)

Even the guys carrying ice cubes were being ‘attacked’ by water cannon.

Songkran 2013 (10)

No one can escape from as ambush could be from any direction.

Songkran 2013 (6)

Even kids were attacking my point-and-shoot camera.

Songkran 2013 (12)

Beware of the little guys. All of them were armed and fully loaded.

Songkran 2013 (4)

They were trained from tender age, thus not afraid to get wet.

Songkran 2013 (11)

They have full determination to ‘get you’.

Songkran 2013 (5)

They knew where to reload for more destructive weapon.

Songkran 2013 (3)

Songkran is opened to everyone who like to join the fun affair.

Songkran 2013 (8)

Devotees coming to the temple will also perform the ritual of bathing Buddha statue.

Songkran 2013 (1)

It was fun to have a Chang Beer and being trenching wet on the hot Malaysian day. Hope next time we can plan to celebrate Songkran in Thailand, with the elephants.

2 thoughts on “Songkran 2013 @ Wat Chetawan

    • Hi Marisol,
      I use the tiny waterproof camera (Olympus TG-2) for these shots. If you are using SLR, you can use weather shield model (like Olympus E-M5 or E-5, and splash proof lens). I saw some photographers using under water housing, and some just use plastic bag. You could get soaking wet :). Perhaps we would meet one day in Songkran Festival in Thailand.

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