KL Butterfly Park

I am working this weekend, thus desperately needing a break away from my computer.

KL Butterfly Park (12)

It was raining this afternoon, so we decided to drop by Butterfly Park for little exercise.

KL Butterfly Park (8)

Do not expect much from the park as there are not as many butterflies as visitors would expect.

KL Butterfly Park (2)

The game is treasure hunt. See how many bugs we could find.

KL Butterfly Park (4)

The highlight for me was the discovery of a nest of baby spiders.

KL Butterfly Park (6)

The other insects were the regulars in the park.

KL Butterfly Park (7)

I need to make another DIY flash for my next macro shooting. The flash I used was not satisfactory, so I shot half session without using flash.

KL Butterfly Park (11)

Perhaps I should go into the jungle and shoot at night.

KL Butterfly Park (3)

There are increasing crime in local parks and hiking trails.

KL Butterfly Park (1)

A lady was killed in the nearby Gasing Hill last week. According to the police, there are 3 crimes per week in that area.

KL Butterfly Park (5)

So it could be safer to excise in the gym or to take macro photography in a paid park. It is pathetic that residents feel unsafe to go out.

KL Butterfly Park (10) 

Yet Malaysian Home Minister said feeling unsafe is just the public perception. Accordingly to the police, Malaysia is safer than before.

KL Butterfly Park (9)

General Election will be held next weekend. See if our new government can reduce crime rate and protect more green lungs.

2 thoughts on “KL Butterfly Park

    • Thanks Marisol for your kind comment, I am a newbie to macro. In fact, I did not bring the right flash thus you could the uneven lighting. Macro shooting could be fun to see the miniature world. Cheers.

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