Filipino Market @ Kota Kinabalu

There are few tourist attractions along the waterfront at Kota kinabalu city. One of my favourite markets is the Filipino Market.

Filipino Market (Kota Kinabalu) (10)

You can visit the market in the morning or at night. The main difference is the grilled fish stalls opening during the evening.

Filipino Market (Kota Kinabalu) (13)

It is a relatively small market where you can finish the tour in less than an hour.

Filipino Market (Kota Kinabalu) (9)

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Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park

Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park is very accessible from Kota Kinabalu city (Sabah).

Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park (2)

20 minutes boat ride from Jesselton Point to Manukan Island. Jump into water, and you will see coral fish.

Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park (3)

The water was not as clear as what we have seen at Pulau Redang last month. 5 minutes boat trip can transfer from Manukan to Sapi Island. You will be greeted by monitor lizard (often mistaken by tourist as the Komodo Dragon.

Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park (7)

Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park is indeed a great getaway destination for tourists who visit Kota Kinabalu. It offers a dramatic contrast to scaling the highest peak in Malaysia (Mount Kinabalu) and diving/snorkling below sea level.

Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park (9)

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Gopeng Town

We made an  impromptu detour to Gopeng town on our way to Kuala Lumpur.

Gopeng Gaharu Tea Valley (1)

It is our first time visiting the ‘tropical tea valley’ at the foot hill of Cameron Highlands. Unlike the traditional tea tree, Gaharu Tea tree (沉香木) is very tall and suitable for warmer climate. 沉香 (白木香) Aquilaria sinensis (Gaharu is Bahasa Malaysia) is a kind of Chinese medicine which contains medical value.

Gopeng Gaharu Tea Valley (2)

I am a coffee person so I won’t go crazy about tea tree. Some locals disagreed with the tea owner who charge RM10 to visit the plantation and claiming that hugging the tree trunk bring visitors good luck.

I prefer other precious resources around Gopeng that are free. Visiting the Museum Gopeng duriing weekends is free of charge.

Museum Gopeng (2)

we stumbled upon Adeline’s Villa and met Adeline in person. She is a wonderful host and even offered us free buffet lunch. It never happened to me that a resort owner invites us for sumptuous and tasty buffet at no cost. The resort has a peculiar custom:   everyone, including the paying guests, have to wash your own plate.

Adeline's Villa

The nice rapid is suitable for white water rafting at Sungai Geroh. Getting wet and having fun at the river is absolutely free.

Sungai Geroh at Gopeng

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Ulu Chepor

If you are near Chemor (Perak) and looking for a good picnic spot, Lata Ulu Chepor could be a good choice.

Ulu Chepor (1)

The recreational park ahs been upgraded recently. Entrance fee is RM2 per car.

Ulu Chepor (2)

If you are driving from Ipoh to Sungai Siput (Utara), turn left on the traffic light (Shell and Kin Shin Trading 建成酒行). Drive 4.7KM (passing Kuala Kluang), and turn in to Kampung Ulu Chepor (take note of an ESSO petrol station on your right, and you are near to the entrance). Drive another 1.2KM and you can see the ticket booth.

For more information, contact En. mohd Ariffin 019-435-2041 or En. Mohd Alias (012-593-5406. I extract these contacts printed on the entrance ticket in case you like to book a chalet.

The RAHMAN Prophesy

5 May 2013 is the General Election (GE13) for 13 million Malaysian voters. Who will be our next Prime Minister after tomorrow?

Next Prime Minister of Malaysia GE13

What will be the next letter continuing the RAHMAN prophecy? Will it be ‘N’ or ‘A’? We paid as short visit to Merdeka Square (Independence Square) looking a the RAHMAN prohecy materialized since Independence Day.

It all started with Father of Independence, Tun Tunku Abdul Rahman. If you are not Malaysian, then you can notice that RAHMAN prophecy came from the name of our first Prime Minister.



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