Kuala Lumpur on the Eve of GE13

GE13, General Election 2013 for Malaysia. The city of Kuala Lumpur is exceptionally quite on the eve of election day.

Kuala Lumpur (2)

The town is not crowded with locals and foreign workers. I guess everyone is traveling to vote.


If you are visiting Malaysia, you can witness the unique harmonious multi-racial society. Indian and Chinese have known to pray in each other’s temples based on individual’s believe. It is this kind of open acceptance and tolerance that makes us proud to be Malaysian.

Sin Sze Si Ya Temple (3)

Scrawling underneath the altar 3 rounds is a ritual to grant devotee’s wishes. This has a been practice in the oldest Chinese Temple in Kuala Lumpur, the Sin Sze Si Ya Temple 仙四师爷庙 (1864).

Sin Sze Si Ya Temple (1)

We were having breakfast at the nearby coffee shop, and decided to drop by on our way walking to the Merdeka Square.

Sin Sze Si Ya Temple (2)

The state of Selangor has been declared 6 May 2013 as public holiday, but Kuala Lumpur remains working day on next Monday unless the opposition party wins the General Election on 5 May. No matter which party runs the government, I hope to see peace and improvement. May Malaysia remains a beautify country to visit and to stay.

Kuala Lumpur (1)

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