The RAHMAN Prophesy

5 May 2013 is the General Election (GE13) for 13 million Malaysian voters. Who will be our next Prime Minister after tomorrow?

Next Prime Minister of Malaysia GE13

What will be the next letter continuing the RAHMAN prophecy? Will it be ‘N’ or ‘A’? We paid as short visit to Merdeka Square (Independence Square) looking a the RAHMAN prohecy materialized since Independence Day.

It all started with Father of Independence, Tun Tunku Abdul Rahman. If you are not Malaysian, then you can notice that RAHMAN prophecy came from the name of our first Prime Minister.



In the RAHMAN prophecy:

R stands for Tunku Abdul Rahman, A for Abdul Razak, H for Hussein Onn, M for Mahathir Mohamad, A for Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and N for Najib.


Our second PM was known as the Father of Development, and follow By Tun Hussein Onn (Father of Unity, sounds familiar to the 1Malaysia slogan?).


When I am typing the date, I noticed our Father of modernization, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad has been in reign for 22 years.


I swear that I did not know our fifth PM Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi is known as Father of Human Capital Development. I have to pay more attention to the modern history. So I did a bit of homework as an obligated Malaysian.


And our 6th PM, Datuk Seri Najib Razak.


After the visit to Independence Square, we went to Tugu Negara, the Malaysian National Monument. It symbolizes Malaysian spirit in fighting for freedom. Malaysia has been freed from colonization since half a century ago.

National Monument 9tugu Negara)

I saw many tourists visiting the same tourist spot, but I didn’t think they could truly understand or feel what the GE13 meant for Malaysians. You have to be a REAL Malaysian to understand. Real Malaysian being someone who holds a national identity card since age 12.

Stay tune tomorrow night to know what is after the RAHMAN prophecy.

**** The answer post General Election 2013 *****

As expected, the RAHMAN Prophecy is extended  like RAHMMMMMMMMMANN. There has been many rumours and speculations circulating on social media (as usual). The most popular was the blackout hoax. The changing of Facebook profile page to black by some Malaysians were an expression of their dissatisfaction of the opposing party losing the election (counted by parliament seats) although they won count of votes.

RAHMAN Prophecy

During your travel, you must have seen many humour postcard, such as Malaysia at night, and what you paid for is simply a black colour postcard. There will be many rumours and jokes, no matter these were tricks or rumours, Malaysians always cherish a better tomorrow.

Travelling has taught me to look at the bright side of any incident, and the beauty amongst the undesirable conditions. Malaysia has a lot to offer to visitors as well as to the fellow Malaysian.

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