Filipino Market @ Kota Kinabalu

There are few tourist attractions along the waterfront at Kota kinabalu city. One of my favourite markets is the Filipino Market.

Filipino Market (Kota Kinabalu) (10)

You can visit the market in the morning or at night. The main difference is the grilled fish stalls opening during the evening.

Filipino Market (Kota Kinabalu) (13)

It is a relatively small market where you can finish the tour in less than an hour.

Filipino Market (Kota Kinabalu) (9)

The best part of the market is near the waterfront.

Filipino Market (Kota Kinabalu) (8)

You can see many kids playing as well as helping out in the marketplace.

Filipino Market (Kota Kinabalu) (16)

Filipino Market (Kota Kinabalu) (11)

Since this is a popular tourist spot and it is also a crowded place, one should take extra caution of pick-pockets.

Filipino Market (Kota Kinabalu) (3)

You can select the seafood and the store owner will grill for you on the spot.

Filipino Market (Kota Kinabalu) (6)

Be careful that some of the fish were pre-cooked (pre-grilled) and then warm up and put on some sauce. Make sure you order those fresher catch. Fresh seafood taste good with simple seasoning.

Filipino Market (Kota Kinabalu) (5) 

Do visit those seafood stalls near the waterfront. It is quite an interesting scene.

Filipino Market (Kota Kinabalu) (4)

The other sections are selling vegetables and dry food.

Filipino Market (Kota Kinabalu) (7)

Most of the food preparation is either fried or grilled.

Filipino Market (Kota Kinabalu) (2)

Besides grilled fish, another interesting goods is the fresh sea weed.

Filipino Market (Kota Kinabalu) (12)

There are few markets along the waterfront (in front of KK Plaza and Le Meridien Hotel). Souvenirs and handicrafts can be found in the Craft Market. You can also cultured pearls and the unique “frog bag”. The ventilation inside Craft Market is not ideal due to the crowded shops with narrow walk ways.

Filipino Market (Kota Kinabalu) (15)

You can also find a row of male tailors outside of the Craft Market along the main road.

Filipino Market (Kota Kinabalu) (1)

The colourful wall brought back the memory from the last visit to Filipino Market (few years ago).

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