Kinabalu National Park

Mount Kinabalu is a prominent landmark that stands 4,095m above sea level.

Mount Kinabalu (1)

With diversified flora and fauna, the national park has been listed as World Heritage Site. I came across this weird looking insect and have no idea if it is a type of spider. It looked like an alien spaceship with long legs.

Weird insect in Borneo

Our group made a day tour without climbing Mt. Kinabalu. We stopped by Desa Dairy Farm to taste the ice cream and chocolate milk.

Desa Dairy Farm

There is nothing much to do at the farm. After paying RM4 entrance fee, you could see a few cows and some greenery.

Desa Dairy Farm 2

The weather at the highlands is cooling.

Mount Kinabalu (2)

We made a short visit to the Botanical Garden inside the park office. The garden situated at 1,540m above sea level, at the food hill of Mount Kinabalu.

Kinabalu Park Botanical Garden (2)

I did not bring my macro lens, these shots were taken with Olympus Tough TG-2.

Kinabalu Park Botanical Garden (1)

I think I should spend 1-2 days in Borneo just to shoot macro. There are so many variety of flora and fauna in the park.

Kinabalu Park Botanical Garden (3)

While visiting Kundasang War Memorial, I could see more so many interesting spiders by the path way.

Kundasang War Memorial (3)

Many visitors may find the park has nothing to see. Partly because they did not use their heart to feel what nature has to offer.

Kundasang War Memorial (2)

History buff will be interested to visit the memorial and get to know more about the Death March. 6 Australian P.O.W survived out of the 1,800 (plus 600 British) who were forced to march 265KM from Sandakan to Ranau during World War II.

Kundasang War Memorial (1)

Around of the corner is the Kundasang farmer market, selling vegetables, fruits and floras by the road side.

Kundasang (2)

We stopped by Tuaran town to visit the Upside Down House (Rumah Terbalik).

Rumah Terbalik (1)

visitors are not allowed to take photograph or video inside the house. RM10 per head is way too expansive because there are nothing much to see. There is no ‘wow’ factor and you might as well throwing money into the toilet.

Rumah Terbalik (2)

It has been raining heavily despite it is dry season in Sabah. We cut short our trip (skipping the canopy walk, hot spring and waterfall trip) and headed back to Tuaran for seafood dinner. The seafood in Sabah is really good.

Kundasang (1)


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