Mari Mari Cultural Village

The village is a made-for-tourist attraction to let visitors experience the lifestyles of 5 ethnic groups in Sabah inside one village.

Murut (4)

The 2 hours guided tour is best taken at the morning session (10am).

Mari Mari Cultural Village (4)

2pm session would be too hot and 6pm would donate too much blood to the mosquitoes.

Mari Mari Cultural Village (1)

I like the entrance which has a suspended bridge over a rapid stream. We got out foot wet playing at the stream while waiting for tour to begin.

Mari Mari Cultural Village (2)

Adam is our guide, and he gave us an entertaining tour. After work, you can find Adam wearing jeans and t-shirt.


Adam is from one of the indigenous ethnic groups called Kadazan-Dusun. Dusun tribe is famous for their skill in making rice wine.

Rice Wine Tasting

We saw the ‘Tangkob’ where rice was kept (also related to the Harvest Festival where the rice spirit is welcomed back to the tangkob).

Making Rice Wine

The alcohol content of the rice wine can range from 13% to 30% ++. I am not a big fan of rice wine. I prefer the honey.

Honey Bees

The honey has a nice fruity taste. A litre of this honey can sell over RM1,000 in Japan.


Adam was giving us a live demonstration how to make fire using bamboo inside the Rungus House.

Fire Making with Bamboo

Rungus is a sub-group of the Kadazan ethnic group. Their long house is the famous trademark.


We moved on to visit the Lundayeh tribe who worships crocodile. This handsome boy is really the descendent of the Lundayeh tribe. He was demonstrating the process to make the vest using tree bark.

Tree Bark Vest

The indigenous tribes keep the remains of the ancestors within the living compound.Mari Mari Cultural Village (3)

While the skulls hanging inside the house were their trophy. Borneo used to have tribes practicing head hunting.

Lundayeh (1)

Murut is the tribe feared by others as they were infamous of their head hunting practice. They used poisonous darts with blowpiple to immobilize their pray, and then cut of the head as trophy.

Murut (3)

The tribe was not cannibal so the beheaded body would be left to rot.

Murut (2)

Murut people are taller than other tribes. Perhaps the trampoline game inside their long house make them taller?

Murut (1)

The Land Bajau can be recognized from their colourful decoration. They are the cowboys on land.

Bajau House

You can find many Sea Gypsey (Sea Bajau) who lives on water like flat land.

Kuih Jala

The lunch could be better if the operator charges RM160/pax.

Rungus 2

Museum of Sabah and KDCA also offer similar replica village, but Mari Mari Cultural Village offers more contents (at a price).

Lundayeh (2)

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