Murals in Ipoh

Since early 2013, some things were going at the back lane parallel to Jalan Sultan Iskandar and Jalan Masjid.

Mural at Ipoh (18)

Some things interesting were brewing, and known the the locals.

Mural at Ipoh (12)

When the local newspaper the scheme, the activities at the back alley was revealed.

Mural at Ipoh (8)

The children were playing my childhood games – hide and seek.

Mural at Ipoh (11)

These was a series of mural by Eric Lai and his art students.

Mural at Ipoh (17)

The first mural made popular on social media and traditional news media was the lion dance near the main street at the junction of Jalan Datuk Onn Jaafar.

Mural at Ipoh (16)

There are total of 10 murals when we visited the lane at Ipoh just now (June 2013).

Mural at Ipoh (5)

This game is called the eagle chasing then chicks, with one person playing the role of defending hen.

Mural at Ipoh (20)

I played this game when i was about 5 years old. This game demand more exercise than playing Angry Bird.

Mural at Ipoh (6)

Like the popular series of mural drawn by Ernest Zacharevic in Georgetown, the murals are adapting to the conditions of the walls and surrounding objects.

Mural at Ipoh (1)

The remaining cements became rocks of a waterfall.

Mural at Ipoh (23)

The best way to admire these murals is to visit during the morning when the sunlight is not too harsh.

Mural at Ipoh (7)

By 9am, sunlight starting to fill-in the alley.

Mural at Ipoh (19)

The image on top was lit by sunlight and compared with the picture below under the shade.

Mural at Ipoh (9)

The drawing styles have different expressions compare to Ernest Zacharevic.

Mural at Ipoh (4)

The sketches are simpler, bolder but more vibrant colours.

Mural at Ipoh (21)

The stories were related to the works and plays at Kinta Valley of the bygone era.

Mural at Ipoh (2)

Kinta Valley used to be the largest tin mining site in the world. The area also famous for clay vessels and rubber plantations.

Mural at Ipoh (3)

There are two murals with the horse dance and Indian dancer.

Mural at Ipoh (15)

Looking at the signature, I assumed they are the art students from Eric’s Artgene Studio.

Mural at Ipoh (14)

If you are not familiar with the roads in Ipoh, I made a simple map to show you the location of each mural. You can finish the tour in 10 minutes as the murals are in close vicinity.

Murals in Ipoh

It is worthwhile to visit the oldest mosque in town, Masjid Panglima Kinta.

Masjid Panglima Kinta (Ipoh)

You can find some pre-world war II shops in both Ipoh new town and old town.

Pre-WWII shops at Ipoh (2)

Old town is merely a short walk or drive across the Kinta River.

Pre-WWII shops at Ipoh (1)

3 thoughts on “Murals in Ipoh

  1. HI, thanks for the map on the murals. It provide us non-ipoh ppl some convenience in finding it. Btw do u know any restaurant or cafe nearby? And is it near Kinta River front? Thanks.

    • Hi Yvonne, glad that you find the info useful. If you go further down Jalan Sultan Iskandar and cross Kinta River, you are entering into Ipoh old town. Make a left turn on your left to Jalan Bukit Tiamah. You can find the original old town white coffee (last shop on the left, Nam Heong). The Hoong Tho Restaurant is also famous for its Cantonese prawn mee and nangka cake. There are few more popular restaurants like Thean Chun on the other end of the street.
      There are another huge cluster of eateries in new town. I can gain weight by just writing about good foods in Ipoh. Have fun with your visit.

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