Ramadhan Bazaar 2013

The Ramadhan (Ramadan) fasting month falls in summer time.

Ramadhan Bazaar 2013 (9)

Bazaar has becoming a good marketplace for Muslims and non-Muslims to scout for food in the evening.

Ramadhan Bazaar 2013 (1)

We visited one of the bazaar nearby and look for the usual food choices.

Ramadhan Bazaar 2013 (12)

I saw a few stalls selling roast duck and dimsum.

Ramadhan Bazaar 2013 (8)

The rest are usual food options such as Roti John, mutabak.

Ramadhan Bazaar 2013 (7)

The choices of drink have extended to To Fu Fa, Lin Chee Kang, Sea Coconut. Nothing beats the traditional rose syrup and Cendol.

Ramadhan Bazaar 2013 (5)

One of the unique additive is ‘sticky rice’ in the drink.

Ramadhan Bazaar 2013 (4)

Grilled chicken is one of the popular dish, with variety of sauces.

Ramadhan Bazaar 2013 (14)

I got back with BBQ chicken smell on my shirt.

Ramadhan Bazaar 2013 (6)

The sizzling grilled fish looked very tempting. It is advisable to take a look at the clarity of the fish eyes (before it was cooked beyond recognizable). You may find some stalls offer fresher fish.

Ramadhan Bazaar 2013 (10)

Another attractive aspect of the food bazaar are the colourful food.

Ramadhan Bazaar 2013 (2)

The blue colour drink is "blue lemon”. Not my cup of tea.

Ramadhan Bazaar 2013 (3)

If you are overwhelmed by the high energy food, you can go for salad or tofu.

Ramadhan Bazaar 2013 (15)

I would say large majority of the food are either fried or grilled.

Ramadhan Bazaar 2013 (13)

Now I have reason to exercise (so that I have excuse to eat more).

Ramadhan Bazaar 2013 (16)

If you are visiting Malaysia on the first time, then it would be good experience to visit Ramadhan Bazaar to have a short course of local snacks and cuisines.

Ramadhan Bazaar 2013 (11)

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