Makassar (Ujung Pandang) – the port city

This could be one of the most boring city in the world according the many travellers.

Pantai Losari at Makassar (3)

It was so boring that you would rather stay in the hotel and watch National Geographic.

Paotere (1)

You can visit the so call top 3 sites in 1 hour. Paotere Harbour is properly more colour and great for photography.

Paotere (2)

Fort Rotterdam is free to enter but you have to pay ‘donation’ to the guard and actual fee to visit the museums.

Fort Rotterdam at Makassar (1)

This Dutch fort has very similar layout as the fort in Yogya.

Fort Rotterdam at Makassar (2)

On the right side of the fort, you can find the most non-chinatown chinatown. What I meant was the entire street has not Chinese words, and I couldn’t see a single Chinese on the street.

Chinatown at Makassar (1)

We walked for 1 minutes and turned back. I thought the Chinatown in LA was bad and this is worse.

Chinatown at Makassar (2)

We can find more local Chnese at the shopping mall.

Makassar (2)

The picture above was taken at Mall Panakkukang and the one below as the largest indoor theme park in South East Asia – Trans Studio.

Lost City at Trans Studio

The merchandises sold at Trans are more trendy than those in Malaysia, surprise.

Makassar (1)

It  is still Ramadhan fasting month and all restaurants were covered during the day time.

Starbucks covered up during Ramadhan

By evening time, one of the good place to go (for 5 minutes) is Pantai Losari.

Pantai Losari at Makassar (4)

It is a rocky beach front full of garbage and urinal smell.

Pantai Losari at Makassar (1)

Despite that, it is a good spot to view sunset and to eat grilled fish.

grilled fish at Lae Lae

We walk to the so called famous grilled fish restaurant ‘Lea Lea’ at Jalan Dato Musseng. I prefer the chilli sauce at Bumbu Desa.

Pantai Losari at Makassar (2)

You can find no less than 10 stalls selling grilled banana near Losari Beach.

Pisang Epe at Makassar

We walked passed a new Japanese chain store ‘Sushi Tei’ to be opened tomorrow. The interesting sight is more than 10 huge greeting boards displayed by the road side.

Sushi Tei grand opening at Makassar

Now I am spending the rest of the day in hotel before heading back to home sweet home tonight.


The only reason anyone coming to Makassar is only a transit point to the mystical land – Tana Toraja.

One thought on “Makassar (Ujung Pandang) – the port city

  1. This is my city. That’s right it’s kinda boring, when my family came from abroad and wanted to travel in this city, I didn’t have any good places to visit -_- so I just got them to outside the town, in Maros to visit Bantimurung Waterfall. Since Trans Studio haven’t exist yet, no where to go except the mall. LOL

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