World Carfree Day 2013 @ Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur finally responding to the campaign to host no-car day on 22 September 2013.

World Carfree Day 2013 @ Kuala Lumpur (7)

This was the first time the city blocked 4KM route within the city center from 7AM to 11AM for cycling competition and leisure cyclists.

World Carfree Day 2013 @ Kuala Lumpur (12)

It will be great if Kuala Lumpur can follow George Town to make every Sunday a carfree day.

World Carfree Day 2013 @ Kuala Lumpur (6)

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Art Expo Malaysia – Animals

Unlike photography, paintings could portrait animal subject with hidden message and creative expression.

The Auctionland by Hamir Soib

A wonderful batik (wax painting) roosters by  Mr Chuah Seok Keng. This is more expansive then your ordinary batik fabric.

Roosters by Chuah Seok Keng

Another expression of rooster in front of the porcelain staircase (unique architecture in the Malay houses around Melaka).

Traditional Staircase by Lee Weng Fatt 

An interesting piece of illustration (no really animal but a cartoon character). If one couldn’t handle fame, they could use unhealthy channel to release stress. Hello Kitty is deflated and totally passed out.

High Kitty

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Art Expo Malaysia–Fantasy

Paintings about fantasy or fictitious subjects are often wildly creative.

西藏圣灵之舞 - 李鼎成

We have a brief chat with Mr Omar Ramos (a.k.a. Whooop, from Philippines). He drew this piece of artwork during his visit in Malaysia. You can see the KL Tower on the right, 3 major races soaring in the sky, with the moon + star (core symbol of Malaysian national flag).

Between supposed lovers, between supposed brothers by Whooop

If you like to meet Whooop in person, he will be drawing at Publika next weekend (28 September 2013).


I read more comic books than text books during my childhood. I am hooked to the beautiful illustration and the wild storyline that broke all the laws of physics.


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Art Expo Malaysia 2013 – Sculpture

Art Expo Malaysia is held at MATRADE Exhibition & Convention Centre again, from 19 to 22 September 2013.

Art Expo Malaysia 2013 (3)

You will be greeted by few booths showcasing sculptures and statues near the entrance. My favourite is the Spain both. The incredible series is by Jesus Curia (also showcased in Art Expo Malaysia 2012).

Art Expo Malaysia 2013 (2)

I regretted not allocating more time so that I can find better angle or can wait for the crowd to pass. To illustrate this point, here is one artwork by Curia.

Art Expo Malaysia 2013 (4)

Below is the same sculpture viewed from different angle.

Art Expo Malaysia 2013 (5)

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Art Expo Malaysia 2013

This is last part of my posting for Art Expo Malaysia 2013.

Coexistenance by Lee Kyung-Lim

This mix-media art by Mr Lee Kyung-Lim (Korea). Viewing from far, I thought it was made  from porcelain (similar to the tile art of the middle east). I was wrong. A closer look revealed that it was made from paper and cupboard.

Indahnya Pusaran by Nyoman Sujana Kenyem

Every piece of art is like a peeping into the artist’s mind, or learning the message conveyed by the artist.

Little Girl and A Tiger In the Water by Ali Nurazamal Yusoff

Some are good to look at without too much thinking.

Shower of Nature by Abd. Rasid Yusof

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1Malaysia Lantern Tourism Festival

This is a major festive event promoted by Tourism Malaysia. I have seen many advertisement online, in magazine and also printed brochure.

Central Market Lantern Festival 2013 (1)

My impression rating of this event: 2 /10. Ten being perfect. So there are some rooms for improvement.

Central Market Lantern Festival 2013 (2)

If you notice that this could be my shortest post because I have nothing to show you. 80% of the lanterns have burned LED/bulbs. It is time to head home and enjoy the moon cake and playing with real lanterns.