Bukit Mertajam 大山脚 – 环山是宝

I planned for a stopover at Bukit Mertajam to visit an old friend.

Tea Spa at Bukit Mertajam  大山脚森林茶坊

We arrived 2 hours earlier than our dinner appointment, so we made a ‘round-hill-tour’. Bukit Mertajam has a nicely reserved park where the locals exercise during morning and afternoon hours. I really like the tea spa at the foot hill. We sat down and tasted the tea egg (RM1.20) but no time for an hour leisure tea spa.


St. Anne's Church Bukit Mertajam 大山脚圣安纳天主教堂

I am impressed by the establishment of St. Anne Catholic Church.


Abandoned Church at Bukit Mertajam 大山脚圣山 

There is another old abandoned church near the cemetery on the way to Mengkuang Dam. The place reminds me about Angkor Wat ruins.


We stopped by a Chinese Temple with striking red performance stage.


Hai Dong Ma Temple at Bukit Mertajam 大山脚海东妈庙

We saw the Spring Garden Restaurant and paid a visit to this serene eatery.


Buket Mertajam Spring Garden Restaurant (2) 大山脚春之乡餐馆

This is the view where I parked my car.

Buket Mertajam Spring Garden Restaurant (1) 大山脚春之乡树林

It has been drizzling the whole day. There were plenty of joggers and wedding outdoor photographing groups at the Mengkuang Dam.

Mengkuang Dam at Bukit Mertajam 大山脚孟光水坝

The sky was getting dark and we skip the tour to the Siamese temple. When we visited the wood museum, it was closed. Hint for next visit.

Bukit Mertajam Wood Museum 大山脚木艺博物馆

I plan to visit Bukit Mertajam again for 2 large festivals: ghost festival and St. Anne’s festival.

St. Anne's Church Bukit Mertajam 125 Anniversary  大山脚圣安纳天主教堂125周年纪念

We made a detour to visit the market (Jalan Pasar) on our way back to Kuala Lumpur.

Bukit Mertajam Market 大山脚巴刹

We had a good breakfast in front of the temple.

Temple at Bukit Mertajam market (1) 大山脚玄天庙

I never sit so near to a Taoist Temple and eat non-vegetarian foods.

Rice Noodle at Bukit Mertajam 大山脚米台目

We waited for 30 minutes for the pork-rice-noodle as the first batch was sold out. The wanton mee took even longer time (45 minutes).

我们一口气尝了著名的米台目,云吞面和许多小吃。猪肉米台目配上酸辣酱, 还可以但不是我的首选。

Dry Wanton Mee at Bukit Mertajam  大山脚云吞面

We also tried the fried Kuey Teow, banana apom, bahulu, and rojak. We were so full that we couldn’t eat the Mee Jawa and Hokkien Mee. There are 3 stalls selling rojak with interesting names: black man, white man and black-white man. Next time I shall visit another market to meet the master rojak (the original black man rojak).


Yam Rice at Bukit Mertajam 大山脚芋饭

On the way out, we couldn’t resist and stop for the yam rice. The stall was full house and we have to wait for another 30 minutes. I would say the yam rice is the must-try cuisine at Bukit Mertajam. 2 pax with meat ball and pork meat, cost RM13.


Bukit Mertajam Market (2) 大山脚玄天庙

I believe the market have eateries open 24 hours around the temple. Next time I should visit Bukit Mertajam again to other interesting sites and tasty foods.


Temple at Bukit Mertajam market (2) 大山脚玄天庙

大山脚好山好水,环山是宝, 不到此一游便走宝。

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