Street Arts @ George Town

After the wildly successful Mirrors George Town series of murals, and the recent 101 Lost Kittens campaign, street arts and murals have become a unique tourist attraction in this UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Arts at George Town (7)

Many merchants starting to use display art to attract eye balls.

Arts at George Town (10)

Any usable space or flat surface could be a target for painting.

Arts at George Town (9)

Coffee shops starting to use creative signboard.

Arts at George Town (2)

Merchants cash in with mural related souvenirs.

Arts at George Town (1)

Hello Kitty in the shoe shop to attract your enquiry.

Arts at George Town (4)

Souvenir shop put up a chair and a lively lion-dance mural, let tourist taking picture for free.

Arts at George Town (8)

The green snail at the drain is catching your attention.

Arts at George Town (5)

Some of the paintings were crudely drawn but there are also good paintings.

Arts at George Town (6)

This inverted naked baby has been part of a pole. The rust stain has aged the statue and enhanced its character.

Arts at George Town (3)

There are a lot more street arts, waiting for you to admire then on your next visit to George Town.

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