George Town Street View 2013 (Part 1)

George Town remains as one of my favourite travel destinations in Malaysia.

George Town 2013 (4)

We had a short stay at Penang Island on last weekend. I decided to process a few pictures into black & white while retaining a bit of colour.

George Town 2013 (6)

It represents my feeling for George Town. Although everything looks familiar (because I have been there numerous times), there is always a tiny things or a fresh angle that reminds me that there are yet a lot more surprises to unearth.

George Town 2013 (2)

When our lives set into repetitive routines, or we are lost in the worries of the unknown future, or regrets of the past, we could lost our sense to appreciate the real present moment.

George Town 2013 (5)

All the things have always been there and present. It was our ignorant to neglect them.

George Town 2013 (3)

The simple and humble present moment, has always been with us every moment. Happiness is here and is now, not in the future quest or past glory.

George Town 2013 (1)

Walking quietly among the narrow lanes within George Town gave me such a feeling. No meaning, just feeling.

George Town 2013 (7)

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