George Town Street View 2013 (Part 2)

When an old town overly developed, the town would be filled with newly renovated ‘antiques’.

George Town (2)

A remarkable old town normally has local resident and merchants doing their daily chores. Without the folks, the town may end up with an empty fake structure to entertain tourists.

George Town (3)

Hopefully George Town can retain this precious soul and not ruined by over commercialization.

George Town (6)

Many of the original wooden stilt houses at the clan jetties have been removed. The original five surname bridges (the picture above is LEE jetty).

George Town (7)

The TAN Jetty still have a wooden bridge that extend to the sea.

George Town (1)

We had a simple Thai dinner overlooking the jetty. On our walk back to LEE jetty, we saw the nicely lit temple across the jetty.

George Town (5)

George Town is a town that reveals its beauty to visitors who slow down their pace.

George Town (4)

Many ordinary things seems to have lots of stories to share, if we are willing to learn.

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