Art Expo Malaysia 2013 – Sculpture

Art Expo Malaysia is held at MATRADE Exhibition & Convention Centre again, from 19 to 22 September 2013.

Art Expo Malaysia 2013 (3)

You will be greeted by few booths showcasing sculptures and statues near the entrance. My favourite is the Spain both. The incredible series is by Jesus Curia (also showcased in Art Expo Malaysia 2012).

Art Expo Malaysia 2013 (2)

I regretted not allocating more time so that I can find better angle or can wait for the crowd to pass. To illustrate this point, here is one artwork by Curia.

Art Expo Malaysia 2013 (4)

Below is the same sculpture viewed from different angle.

Art Expo Malaysia 2013 (5)

I has under estimated the amount of ‘fun’ I could have in the exhibition.

Art Expo Malaysia 2013 (6) 

We should spend more than 2 to 3 hours to cover the exhibits.

Relentless Ruler by P. Gnana

The artworks are selling in the range from about USD2,000 to USD100,000. The bronze sculpture behind the ‘Worldly Woman’ priced over USD50K.

Worldly Woman by VAL

The value of the artwork lies in the eyes of the admirer.

Transilvanian Hunger (Darkblue) by Khairul Azmir

I like those artwork that communicate with the audience at emotional, spiritual or sub-conscious level.

Pentateuque 2013 by Fabien Merelle

It may look meaningless or ridiculous, but somehow it could strike a cord in your mind. The after effect could last for a very long time.

The Wall of Self by Masayuki Tsubota

Entrance is free of charge to the expo. I highly recommend parents and teachers bring the children to Art Expo.

Art Expo Malaysia 2013 (1)

It is very helpful to inspire the young (uncontaminated) minds to the world of art. Less Internet gaming, more visual feast for the right brain. It might open up their mind and giving you a big smile.

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