Art Expo Malaysia 2013

This is last part of my posting for Art Expo Malaysia 2013.

Coexistenance by Lee Kyung-Lim

This mix-media art by Mr Lee Kyung-Lim (Korea). Viewing from far, I thought it was made  from porcelain (similar to the tile art of the middle east). I was wrong. A closer look revealed that it was made from paper and cupboard.

Indahnya Pusaran by Nyoman Sujana Kenyem

Every piece of art is like a peeping into the artist’s mind, or learning the message conveyed by the artist.

Little Girl and A Tiger In the Water by Ali Nurazamal Yusoff

Some are good to look at without too much thinking.

Shower of Nature by Abd. Rasid Yusof

Some require explanation from the artists to understand the embedded message.

Pahang Warrior by Zulkifli Yusoff

Some are interesting to look at, with some humours.

Complacency by Duxi

Part of the same painting by Duxi (China).

Complacency by Duxi (zoom in)

Some innovative media and shape.

The Precious Messaage by Kim Eun-Ok

Each piece of art appeals to different audience.

White on Reds by Win Thanda

Another nice batik drawing by Mr Chuah.

House on Stilt by Chuah Seow Keng

In the past, most paintings were a form of historical record of event or legends.

Jelang Penen Raya by Rudi Mardijanto

Some paintings records many details about specific culture and lifestyle.

Arsara by Inna Tsukahina

Exposure to the culture during my travel to the similar places gives me one level of appreciation of the details recorded in some of these art works.

by Bahador Moayer

It is interesting to see the different expression made by every artist. The end result is the impression of the artist about the subject.

Celebration of Mountain by Nyoman Sujana Kenyem

Visiting museums and art galleries also allow us to learn more about oneself.


We could explore what we like, what we dislike.

Art Expo Malaysia 2013

What we agree and disagree could tell us about our believe system.

云起 - 散子

I am fully contented with my short visit to the expo.

Disclaimer: copyright belong to the respective artist.

2 thoughts on “Art Expo Malaysia 2013

    • Hi Kynglim Lee, your works are lovely and creative. I like the vibrant colours and use of cardboard to give the 3D effect. Keep up with the good work. Cheers, Tennyson

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