Art Expo Malaysia 2013–Portrait and Human Subject

Human subject is always intriguing subject.

The One Who is Looking at Me by Agung Manguputra

The more interesting aspect is how the creativity of the artist position the human subject with other object or scenario.

I'm not a cockroach by Antoe Boedino

From cockroach to gold fish.

Facial series No.6 by Chen Yun 面孔系列之六 (陈芸)

There are very few ‘standard’ portrait.

Peace Laureate by Win Thanda

Artist can also adding slight variation to the standard portrait and to cultivate personal style.

One Love by Anisa Abdullah

The creativity part is what type of additive elements to a standard portrait. Perhaps flying paper planes towards a red skirt girl with backlit hair?

Girl in Red Skirt by Stanley Goh Say Yung

Or a piece of real fabric?

从隐秘的绽放 - 曾妮

The Russian artist Inna Tsukahina has a few artworks sharing some Asian elements. The abstractt rendition of the cherry blossom creates different feel to the painting.

The Window by Inna Tsukahina

Chinese artist Chen Liu maintains his sarcastic humour.

The Legend in Bamboo Forest by Chen Liu 

These are no cartoon but over RM100,000 per piece of collectible artwork.

Fancy Pant by Chen Liu 花裤子 (陈流)

Many art collectors are visiting the Art Expo in search of emerging artists.

Kitten on My Lap by P. Gnana

After the artist becomes popular, the investment profit could be handsome.

Art Expo Malaysia 2013

For myself, I enjoyed the visual display of human creativity.

The Dreaming Woman Sings for the Dream by Lee Young-Shin

I truly enjoy this art expo more than  the trip to the local art museum (where camera is not allowed). About half of the exhibitors permit visitors to take picture of the artwork. Visitors are advised to pay attention to the ‘No Photo’ sign and at least seeking permission before taking pictures. Flash photography  is not advisable.

Disclaimer: all copyrights belong to the original artist of the respective artwork.


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