Art Expo Malaysia – Animals

Unlike photography, paintings could portrait animal subject with hidden message and creative expression.

The Auctionland by Hamir Soib

A wonderful batik (wax painting) roosters by  Mr Chuah Seok Keng. This is more expansive then your ordinary batik fabric.

Roosters by Chuah Seok Keng

Another expression of rooster in front of the porcelain staircase (unique architecture in the Malay houses around Melaka).

Traditional Staircase by Lee Weng Fatt 

An interesting piece of illustration (no really animal but a cartoon character). If one couldn’t handle fame, they could use unhealthy channel to release stress. Hello Kitty is deflated and totally passed out.

High Kitty

Some people prefer realism art.

Gold Fish by Luthfie Edy

Luthfie Edy created both the drawings about gold fishes and the birds.

Jalak Bali by Luthfie Edy

You could notice the shift in style of expression when to take a look at works by other artists.

真实与假象 - 刘仁涛

An interesting expression by Shahrul Hisham.

Mudik Ke Lubuk Pelang by Shahrul Hisham

Do visit Art Expo Malaysia to get more ‘surprises’.

Surprise by Arata Higuchi

One thought on “Art Expo Malaysia – Animals

  1. Lutfhie eddy s says:

    Thank you for your appreciation for my work in Kuala Lumpur exhibition Art Expo, 2013. I am happy when someone wants to cooperate with me. Greetings culture of Jakarta. Regards, lutfhie eddy

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