Art Expo Malaysia–Fantasy

Paintings about fantasy or fictitious subjects are often wildly creative.

西藏圣灵之舞 - 李鼎成

We have a brief chat with Mr Omar Ramos (a.k.a. Whooop, from Philippines). He drew this piece of artwork during his visit in Malaysia. You can see the KL Tower on the right, 3 major races soaring in the sky, with the moon + star (core symbol of Malaysian national flag).

Between supposed lovers, between supposed brothers by Whooop

If you like to meet Whooop in person, he will be drawing at Publika next weekend (28 September 2013).


I read more comic books than text books during my childhood. I am hooked to the beautiful illustration and the wild storyline that broke all the laws of physics.


The mystical myth and legendary story are key elements to fantasy arts.

Arhats Cross the Ocean by Chen Liu

Parent should not stop children in exploring their artistic talent. Who know one day can happily do what he/she loves and earn a comfortable income.Ganesha II by Chelian

What if we measure success by the amount of happiness instead of fame or wealth?

Conquistadora del Fabulador

Then many people can feel free to do what inspire them to come alive.

Zhong Ling

Passion and sense of purpose can get us through difficult moment in life, and everlasting peace.

Home Sweet Home Everlasting Prosperity by Erica Hestu Wahyumi

May you enjoy the artworks at much as I do.

Disclaimer: All copyrights belong to the respective artist.

One thought on “Art Expo Malaysia–Fantasy

  1. There are different concepts of wealth in life. No definition of what is the best of anything, it is only a state of mind and expression of how important it means to us. But the value of material in the world is finite, while the creativity of a human brain is infinite. I will not trade off my passion towards art at any cost. It is my lifetime console and everlasting dream to work for.

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