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Kunming, the spring garden

Kunming City is the gateway into Yunnan.

Kunming 云南昆明 (1)

The city is surrounding by mountain range thus maintain a relatively constant spring-like weather throughout the year.

Kunming 花鸟市场

Most tourists will use Kunming as a rest stop before proceeding to more remote destinations.

Kunming 云南昆明 (2)



Guandu Old Town 官渡古镇

Guandu is a ‘refurbished’ old town about 10KM from Kunming city centre.

官渡古镇妙湛寺 (3)

If you have half day to spare in Kunming city, taking a short trip to Guandu could be a good option to consume few hours.

官渡古镇 (3)

Guandu reserved few temples dated back to Dang Dynasty.


Since 2008, Sao Lin Temple has acquired few temples in Guandu as ‘branch’ temple. You can see monks practicing martial arts in these temples.


No Deepavali Bazaar in Brickfields for 2013

If you are looking forward to visit Brickfield for its month long Deepavali (Diwali) Bazaar, you could be disappointed this year.

Deepavali (Diwali) Bazaar 2013 (4)

KL Municipal has relocated 400 stalls to Lorong Tuanku Abdul Rahman, near Masjid India.

Deepavali (Diwali) Bazaar 2013 (5)

I visited the back lane this morning around 10am, only few stalls were opened.

Deepavali (Diwali) Bazaar 2013 (3)


Fire walk @ Nine Emperor Gods Festival 2013

Tonight is the 9th and the last day of 2013 Nine Emperor Gods Festival.

Nine Emperors God Festival 2013 (13)

It has been 9 days after my last visit to the temple at Ampang.

Nine Emperors God Festival 2013 (7)

The fire walking ritual started on 8pm and ended in 15 minutes.

Nine Emperors God Festival 2013 (15)

Devotees were rushing in after the ceremony to bring home the ‘holy charcoal’.


Nine Emperor Gods Festival 2013 怡保斗母宫九皇爷诞

Today is the first day of the 9-day Nine Emperor Gods Festival.

Ipoh Tow Boo Keong Temple Nine Emperor Gods  Festival 2013 怡保斗母宫九皇爷诞 (5)

We made a day trip back to hometown for lunch, and passing Ipoh town. I made a short detour to Tow Boo Keong Temple (怡保斗母宫) where the largest celebration of this festival takes place around Ipoh region.

Ipoh Tow Boo Keong Temple Nine Emperor Gods  Festival 2013 怡保斗母宫九皇爷诞 (6)

I decided to show Christine the Red Tortoise Buns made for this festival. There are few stores making the buns on location. So devotees can buy steamed bun (ready to eat) or cold one (for prayer).

Ipoh Tow Boo Keong Temple Nine Emperor Gods  Festival 2013 怡保斗母宫九皇爷诞 (2)


Nine Emperor Gods Festival 九皇爷诞 2013

The Nine Emperor Gods Temple in Ampang, and many other temples in the region will begin the 9 days celebration starting tomorrow.

Nine Emperor Gods Festival 九皇爷诞 2013 (7)

Normally, the devotees would expect rain during this festival.

Nine Emperor Gods Festival 九皇爷诞 2013 (2)

It is sunny day today in Kuala Lumpur. When I passed by a stall selling fried Cempedak, the owner said the fruit look even prettier if she cut open the fruit to show me, but the hot weather will dry up the juicy fruit in no time. I did order some fried Cempedak on my way home, the taste? Scoring 3 on a scale of 10. I have eaten better Cempedak.

Nine Emperor Gods Festival 九皇爷诞 2013 (17)

I left the temple after the parade went to the nearby river bank to welcome the Nine Emperor Gods to the temple.

Nine Emperor Gods Festival 九皇爷诞 2013 (18)