Guandu Old Town 官渡古镇

Guandu is a ‘refurbished’ old town about 10KM from Kunming city centre.

官渡古镇妙湛寺 (3)

If you have half day to spare in Kunming city, taking a short trip to Guandu could be a good option to consume few hours.

官渡古镇 (3)

Guandu reserved few temples dated back to Dang Dynasty.


Since 2008, Sao Lin Temple has acquired few temples in Guandu as ‘branch’ temple. You can see monks practicing martial arts in these temples.

官渡古镇妙湛寺 (4)

The temple was first constructed in 1290 and recently renovated. The stone tower (妙湛寺金刚塔) was the oldest sandstone tower of its kind in China.


There are many new shops being constructed nearby and the whole ‘old town’ looks new.

官渡古镇 (2)

Visitors can find many local souvenirs, jade stones and Yunnan food outlets at the organized streets.


We took local bus (route 31) from the bus terminal near Kunming Railway Station.

官渡古镇妙湛寺 (1)

The short 10KM distance takes about 45 minutes, but only costs RMB1 dollar.

官渡古镇妙湛寺 (5)

Do not expect too much from the old town then you may enjoy visiting the old temples and stroll along the shopping arcade.

官渡古镇妙湛寺 (2)

There are many temples and mansions in the vicinity.


Morning is a better time to visit Guandu as noon time could get relatively hot.

官渡古镇法定寺 (2)

Do try some of the famous snacks. My favourite is the sugar-peanut ‘baba’ (粑粑). Other so called famous deserts like tofu noodle, papaya drink etc. worth sampling but I won’t order the second serving.


Another positive note about Guandu is free admission.

官渡古镇妙湛寺 百年紫薇树

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