I could smell Chinese New Year round the corner

Chinese New Year 2014 (6)

Kuala Lumpur city and many shopping malls are congested on the last shopping weekend before Chinese New Year (31 January 2014).

Chinese New Year 2014 (10)

I dropped by Mid-Valley Mega Mall to pick up a new point-and-shoot camera. The shots in this post were taken with this tiny camera. It is fun to use the remaining power in the new battery and took a few snapshots.

Chinese New Year 2014 (3)

The parking lot with few thousands parking bays were totally filled in 30 minutes. We decided to avoid the crowd and went to Petaling Street (also known as foreign workers street) to have lunch.

Chinese New Year 2014 (9)

It happened to have two lions performing a greeting ceremony to warm up the local temple for Chinese New Year. Korean had modified lion dance to Gangnam Style horse dance, more suitable for the coming Year of Horse.

Chinese New Year 2014 (11)

I read from a article that Malaysia has 3 out of the top 10 largest shopping mall in the world. Another reports indicated 4 and not 3.

Chinese New Year 2014 (5)

Having some of the biggest malls does not imply that Malaysia is the top richest country in the world. Perhaps our hot tropical weather is suitable for indoor air-conditioning windows shopping.

Chinese New Year 2014 (2)

Most of our goods were imported from China or other country, including labours.

Chinese New Year 2014 (7)

Malaysia does produce some affordable morning glory (Kangkong / 空心菜 / 蕹菜), only Malaysian will catch this joke unless you watch the BBC news to know about this famous vegetable from Malaysia.

Chinese New Year 2014 (4)

Local Chinese like to buy some decorative plants or cherry blossoms to bring good luck. I have not seen any merchant uses Kangkong as new year plant. The greenly leaves may look good with red ribbons.

Chinese New Year 2014 (1)

The calligraphy pen made of horse tail hair could become another symbol of lucky items for believers. I would admire the calligraphy and wishes instead of hanging many horse tail hair brushes at home.

Chinese New Year 2014 (8)

It is time to wrap up some office works, and ready to travel back to home town to rejuvenate during this holiday season.


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