Prosperity God and Peaceful Buddha

Guess who did I meet just now?

Prosperity God (3)

If you don’t recognize him, here is another clue? 不是关公。

Prosperity God (1)

Looks familiar (besides the red face)?

Prosperity God (2)

He is the most popular god during Chinese New Year, the one and only Prosperity God.

On our way exiting Ipoh town, we stopped at Sam Poh Tong and the 4 temples along the same road.

Buddha Gods Statues (11)

We visited Tibetan Buddhist temple.

Buddha Gods Statues (7)

And visited Nan Tian Dong (南天洞) where there is a bronze western looking water fountain inside eastern taoist temple.

Buddha Gods Statues (2)

There are plenty of statues within these temples compound.

Buddha Gods Statues (9)

some are hidden on the rock face, while some are displayed in the garden.

Buddha Gods Statues (3)

Some are housed inside glass cabinet,

Buddha Gods Statues (4)

Some are placed on the carved cave wall.

Buddha Gods Statues (5)

Each statue represents a legend, god or Buddha. It is nice to learn the background information about the character, their posture etc. For example, the following statue is the fertility god (送子观音).

Buddha Gods Statues (8)

If you believe in any god. God is within you. It is important to have individual’s spiritual practice that bring compassion and peace of mind to our daily life.


Buddha Gods Statues (6)


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