The 9th day of Chinese New Year 年初九拜天公

Touched down on homeland few hours ago. It was early morning of the 9th day into Chinese New Year (total 15 days celebration).

Kwan Imm Temple Klang (6)

So we went to Klang where many Hokkien Chinese folks celebrate the day to pray to the Heaven Gods (拜天公).

Kwan Imm Temple Klang 巴生观音亭

To some Hokkiens, the 9th day is more important than the first day of Chinese New Year.

Kwan Imm Temple Klang (8)

(I use the Line Art filter built-in to my point-and-shoot camera for the picture above, just for fun).

The best place to witness the ceremony would be in Penang and Klang, where more Hokkiens celebrate the this important day.

Kwan Imm Temple Klang (2)

Today is also the birthday of the emperor of heaven. One of the legendary stories why Hokkiens celebrate the 9th day  was to remember the ancient time where the Hokkien ancestors hidden in the sugar cane fields, to escape from war, and they returned to their home on the 9th day to start celebrating Chinese New Year.

Kwan Imm Temple Klang (4)

So sugar cane is one of the key offerings Hokkiens used in the ceremony. Another reason to use sugar cane because the pronunciation of sugar cane has similar meaning as “thank you” in Hokkien dialect.

Kwan Imm Temple Klang (3)

Perhaps next time I should join the mass celebration in Butterworth (Penang) to witness the different style of celebration.

Kwan Imm Temple Klang (5)

After praying to the heavenly god on midnight, many locals in Klang will bring their clothing to Kuan Imm Temple to be blessed.

Kwan Imm Temple Klang (9)

By the time we left the temple, our whole body already ‘blessed’ with the smell of inscent.

Kwan Imm Temple Klang (7)

In case you do not what is the image above about. The temple administrative personnel put water underneath the candle stand. The dropping wax is instantly turn into floating wax and can be easily removed without messing up the floor, pretty clever.

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