Holi Festival 2014 (part 1)

Are you ready for some colours?

Holi Festival 2014 (19)

Over thousand of visitors queuing up under the hot sun to join Holi Festival 2014.

Holi Festival 2014 (13)

If you have not watch the movie Avatar, you can find similar creatures in this festival.

Holi Festival 2014 (30)

Just kidding, you should have heard of Holi or seen some of the colourful pictures from social media.

Holi Festival 2014 (7)

Due to the growing crowd, the temple impose new rules this year for the celebration.

Holi Festival 2014 (1)

1) Only media are allowed to carry SLR camera to take pictures.

Holi Festival 2014 (2)

I brought a water proof point-and-shoot camera so they let me in.

Holi Festival 2014 (3)

We arrived around 12 noon although the event starts on 2pm.

Holi Festival 2014 (4)

2 years ago, I still could park inside the temple compound. The crowd has grow exponentially that even the narrow access road to the temple has been blocked.

Holi Festival 2014 (21)

If you come by 12pm or later, you would like park at a distance and walk towards the temple. Early bird has worm to eat.

Holi Festival 2014 (24)

Coming back to the Avatar, the participants are more colour than Avatar’s monotone – blue.

Holi Festival 2014 (29)

Judging from the participants’ expressions, I assumed everyone did have a good time.

Holi Festival 2014 (25)

You could see visitors from different countries and different age groups.

Holi Festival 2014 (18)

If you want to be clean then Holi is not a festival for you.

Holi Festival 2014 (8)

It is a festival not for the faint hearted.

Holi Festival 2014 (22)

Reporter, “Have you ever imagine what if the colours are permanent dye?”

Participant, “I may not able to pass the custom clearance at the KL International Airport …“

More snapshots on part 2.

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