Dubai Creek

I always fascinated by the ‘local’ facet of a city.

Dubai Creek

One of the good place to visit is Dubai Creek to meet the local and to witness daily walk of life at Dubai.

Coffee Museum Dubai (5)

Of course, if you are visiting the museum and shops, some of the locals are role playing to demonstrate to the visitors the way of life in the past.

Al Fahidi Souk

I would recommend to visit Dubai during winter time as the day visited, the temperature in September still soared to 38 deg. The local said the temperature exceeds 40+ on summer day.

Diera Spice Souk

One can take the boat to travel across Dubai Creek. There are perfume souk, spice souk and gold souk on the opposite bank.

Dubai Creek (2)

We stopped by the coffee museum to take shelter from the bitter sun, and have a sip of the Ethopia coffee.

Coffee Museum Dubai (4)

This is a very small double storey ‘shop’ that one could finished the tour in 10 minutes.

Coffee Museum Dubai (3)Coffee Museum Dubai (1)

Luckily the entrance fee is free so you can spend money on drinking coffee.

Coffee Museum Dubai (2)

There are other shops selling souvenirs but 90% of the shops at Al Fahidi were closed.

Al Fahidi Souk (2)

We walked to the Dubai Museum nearby, again, I have to walk under the shade to avoid being fried.

Wall of Old Dubai

The museum charges entrance fee, but it is worthwhile to take cover from the bitter sun, and gain knowledge about the past Dubai.

Dubai Museum

The only complain is the lighting was so dark (not dim, but dark) for some display. The following picture was the brightest of all display.

Dubai Museum (2)

When you walk out of the museum, please prepare a pair of sunglass shade to let you eyes get use to the extreme contrast of the sunlight.

We proceed to another less well known museum that depicts the daily life of the schooling in old Dubai.

Dubai School

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