Bersih 4.0–Mobile Attack

I am feeling old when I realized that I am the few dinosaurs still carrying “camera”.

Bersih 4 (34)

The technology has advanced so much on mobile camera, that it has killed the point-and-shoot camera market.

Bersih 4 (35)

Of course, the action fans still have other option such as GoPro.

Bersih 4 (31)

Rally participants won’t missed the opportunity to have selfie or vifie.

Bersih 4 (37)

Smart phone is great means to share updates to social media. Great moments are meant to be shared.

Bersih 4 (33)

Remember to charge your phone tomorrow. The still have 26 hours to go for Bersih 4.0 rally.

Bersih 4 (32)

I was blocked by many hands and suddenly appearing mobile phone in front of my lens. Kind of funny but every should record down the story to be shared with future generations.

Bersih 4 (36)

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