Bersih 4.0–Superheroes

The are many brave superheroes (characters) on rally.

Bersih 4 (27)

To match the theme, Spiderman has to be flexible.

Bersih 4 (22)

Spiderman join the school of minion for being yellowish.

Bersih 4 (23)

read on more more cute mascots and heroes.

I had chicken for lunch.

Bersih 4 (28)

I notice that chicken is a popular prop too.

Bersih 4 (26)

In case you don’t know what is this character, it is “invisible lady”.

Bersih 4 (24)

Even Super Hero 6 down graded to 4.

Bersih 4 (25)

It has been be fun day watching interesting characters on parade.

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