Bersih 4.0–Lovely People

Thumb Up to the lovely Malaysian, lovely people.

Bersih 4 (70)

When one travels more, the lines dividing borders, religions, food and races gradually blur out.

Bersih 4 (74)

The sense of oneness set in.

Bersih 4 (75)

We are all connected. Including these yellow flowers at Merdeka Square.

Bersih 4 (79)

(I preferred to get disconnected with cigarette.)

Bersih 4 (80)

It is a great day for the people to walk on to the street to request for transparency and fairness in election.

Bersih 4 (72)

Many who support the cause in peaceful manner.

Bersih 4 (73)

Cross religion, cross races, cross culture.

Bersih 4 (71)

Some may wish to have special demands.

Bersih 4 (81)

Many more just want their voices be heard. The authority did send few rounds of fighter jets and army helicopters visiting the rally. The engine roar was a bit loud, not sure if the pilot can hear the voices of the people.

Bersih 4 (83)

So those who support clean election and a clean government will have few more hours for the peaceful rally.

Bersih 4 (82)

Prime Minister said those who go near Merdeka Square during the eve of Independence day are not patriotic.

Bersih 4 (78)

Many ‘haters’ of Bersih movement also expressed their view in a civilized way. It Is not too bad considered they spelled the English word correctly. English is not my first language so please pardon me as I still making tons of grammatical mistakes.

Bersih 4 (76)

I would like to take this opportunity to capture the moment, where a cleaner Malaysia is emerging.

Bersih 4 (77)

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