This is an unofficial travelogue to share some of the places that I visited. It is nice to share the outing experience with others who may consider visiting the same place. Feel free to leave me message (Tennyson_lee@hotmail.com). I am base in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

24 thoughts on “About

  1. I my name is Fabrizio and I post you from Italy……

    very very nice pictures I like your style…. just for my curiosity: your pictures have a really big size, what kind of camera you use ? I take picture with Nikon D300 but they are not so big and detailled as your….

    Macro section and india are my favourites


    • Hi Fabrizio,
      Thank you for browsing and your kind comment. I am using Olympus E-5 and PEN E-P3 this year. Older shots (still have many back logs yet to be organized and published) were taken with Olympus E-620, E-410, PEN E-PL1. I just used the normal FINE resolution and shot in JPEG, straight out of camera with cropping and sometime with the built-in art filters. I think Nikon has some good models that have high resolutions too. Happy shooting. Cheers.

  2. pavithran nair says:

    Hi Tony… your photos are superb… i love photography very much &jst bought Sony Alpha entry camera.

    Your photos push me further to take better shots in near future & learn more bout photoghraphy

    • Hi Pavin, thanks you for your encouragement. I love travelling and snapshots and food will be the by products. I am still learning from friends who are good with photography. Let’s learn together, cheers. BTW, you can call me Tenny.

  3. sara says:

    Hi Tennyson U took a photo of me piercing in thaipusam recently dude from the bottom of my heart u r awsome i have always wanted to take pictures like you but just didint have the money to buy a dslr camera only using nikon p500 at da moment besides that u r an amazing photographer do wat u r doing now n wish u all the best.


    • Hi Sara, thank you for your kind comments. It was a great honour to participate in the great festival. Your family & friends were awesome and accommodating.
      I started with point & shoot camera too. The important thing is to go and capture the precious moments. May Lord Murugan bless your wishes & best of luck to you. Feel free to click and download the high resolution images. I’m very please to meet your family members. Cheers.

  4. Tony Deik says:

    Hello Tennyson,

    I am working on display boards to be used by a local NGO here in Hong Kong. One of them is about Thailand. I have seen very interesting photos on your website from Thailand. Do you mind if we use one or two in our Display board.

    Thank you!

    Tony Deik

    • Hi Tony,
      If the image is used for MGO like GBA Ship, feel free to use it. Just let me know the images that you want and I can send you the high resolution images. The only rule is not to use for commercial profit generation.
      Cheers. Tennyson

  5. Michele Lim says:

    Hi Tenny, your pictures are awesome. I would like to request your permission to put up a picture of the mount kinabalu in social media in remembrance of the recent Sabah earthquake and those who perished.

    Thank you

  6. Michele Lim says:

    Hi Tenny,
    I just drop you a message and the picture in your FACEBOOK message.
    Yes, I will indicate” picture courtesy from Tennysonlee. Is that alright?
    Thank you

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