Animals and nature

Flying without wings

Saw this queen ant with torn off wings at home. I took a portrait shot and let her free to continue her mission in the garden.


On a closer look, she has 3 eyes on the fore head and little arms or ‘helping hands’ at her mouth.


There are always beauty and interesting subjects around us. We see what we like to focus on.


Redang Island Marine Park Malaysia

The most common word exclaimed by first time visitors to Pulau Redang (Redang Island) has to be “paradise”.

Pulau Redang Marine Park (1)

How clear is the water? See it for yourself.

Pulau Redang Marine Park (2)

You may not believe that I saw these coral fish in waist deep water.

Pulau Redang Marine Park (3)

Still don’t believe, let’s see it from the bird eye view.

Pulau Redang Marine Park (6)


Flora and Fauna of Nepal

I was lucky to spot some beautiful flora during the short visit to the low altitude mountains (2,000m~3,000m) and cities.

Himalaya (2)

Flowers always bloom wilder in cooler climate.

Mountain Discovery Lodge at Tadapani


Bird Market @ Yogyakarta

Personally, I think Pasar Burung is more interesting than many of the tourist attractions in Jogja such as palace or fort.

Yogyakarta Bird Market (3)

One gets to meet the locals and discover their passion for birds as a pet.

Yogyakarta Bird Market (6)


Pets @ Pasar Burung

It was an eye opener when we visited the bird market at Yogyakarta.

Yogyakarta Bird Market (7)

The variety of birds and pets were amazing.

Yogyakarta Bird Market (2)


Creepy Crawlies

Bring friends to nearby town this weekend, and took a few shots on flora and fauna.

Malaysian bugs (6)

I discovered this master of disguise – the stick insect on Gunung Brinchang (6,666 feet above sea level).

Malaysian bugs (3)

The little snail was hiding behind a leaf at the organic farm @ Brinchang, Cameron Highland.


Alien World @ Secret Garden

During Christmas 2011, I posted my first exploration of the Secret Garden. I learned my lesson and brought a macro lens to do some close-up shots.

1Utama Secret Garden (1)