Creepy Crawlies

Bring friends to nearby town this weekend, and took a few shots on flora and fauna.

Malaysian bugs (6)

I discovered this master of disguise – the stick insect on Gunung Brinchang (6,666 feet above sea level).

Malaysian bugs (3)

The little snail was hiding behind a leaf at the organic farm @ Brinchang, Cameron Highland.



Shopping for New Year Plant

Every consumer industry is maximizing the business opportunities during the festive seasons.

Sungai Buloh Flora (5)

The flower shops have been ‘assigning’ meaning to suitable flowers. It pursues consumers to buy the good wishes. In the year of dragon, the most special plant has to be the Dragon Fruit (it is an eatable cactus fruit). I bought an unique pitcher plant as my new year ‘pet’ (it catches flies).

Sungai Buloh Flora (4)


Happy Deepavali (Diwali) 2011

Malaysian loves holidays and festivals. The main holiday in the month of October will be the Festival of Lights. So many shopping malls will decorate the malls with the festive mood of the month. The shots below were taken at Sunway Pyramid.

Let me start off with the “Light of Love”.


Impressions of Bison at Yellowstone

The beast was massive, especially when one could get so close to the wild American buffelo.


Impressions of St. George (Utah)

On my way to Bryce Canyon, I overnight at the red sandstone town called St. George. The sunlight still going strong by 8pm. So I took the opportunity to walk outside the inn to take my dose of ‘Shutter Theraphy’ (a term made popular by Robin Wong, a street photograher in Malaysia).

This bird was jumping from one place to another. I have to use a 400mm equivalent lens to freeze it on top of a small hill.


Impressions of Getty Center – Impressive

If you are art lovers, Getty Center will be a pilgrimage site in North America.

Los Angeles


Impressions of redwood at Muir Woods

I first learned about the tallest trees from text book when I was a kid. After I have grown up, I was amazed at this giant plant called redwood when watching National Geography channel. Now here I am, standing as tiny as ant amongst these giants, speechless.

california redwood