Impressions of floras @ Disneyland

One of the side benefits to visit Disneyland during summer season is the beautiful floras. I guess there could be also plenty of flowers during other seasons as Anaheim is in the sunny state of California.



Impressions of Fullerton Arboretum – peaceful wonderland in California

This garden was a hidden wonderland nearby the world famous Disneyland. It was so secretive even the hotel staff and cab driver never heard of it. I decided to pay a visit and found this garden has different aspect of what California has to offer – floras.



Impressions of Sekinchan June 2011

I posted the padi field harvesting article, as that was the reason to revisit Sekinchan after my February visit. The side benefit of visiting Sekinchan is always foods and fruits. Food will be the seafood (baby shark, chili prawn, strange-taste crab etc.). The fruits will be the big green mangoes (color remain green even when it is ripe).

Let me start off with the ‘stuffed chili with fish paste’.


Impressions of flowers at Satok Market

This post was dedicated to the flower market (more correctly should be the flower section) in Satok Market (Kuching, Sarawak).


Impressions of Taiping Lake Gardens

If you plan to stay in Taiping town, you could consider Flemington Hotel. It is a clean hotel situated right beside the Taiping Lake Gardens. There was a 24-hour foodcourt nearby.

I covered less than 10% of the park. Hopefully I can visit the entire park and bring you more images in the next visit.


Impressions of KL Orchid Garden – Plenty to offer

There were two gardens opposite of KL Bird Park: Hibiscus Garden and Orchid Garden. The entrance fee was free on weekdays and RM1 on weekends (only if the ticket office is only duty).

For RM1, I won’t complain too much on what it has to offer. It was definitely good walk abouts and short 1-2 hours outing for many.


Impressions of KL Orchid Garden – Abstract

Get sick of normal orchid, so I started to look for plants from different angles. Here were the result from this morning exercise (walkabout) at Orchid Garden, Kuala Lumpur.