Yunnan Cuisine and Snacks 滇菜(云南菜)

During this short trip to Kunming and Red Land (Yunnan, China), we easily gained few kilos.


Noodles and rice were the culprits. Although “cross-the-bridge rice noodle” 过桥米线 is the most famous noodle, a classic set at Jian Xin Yuan ( 建新园) cost RMB80. I would prefer the “small pot noodle” (小锅米线), picture above, cost RMB7 to 8.


The noodle set come with another famous chicken soup called “steamed pot chicken” (汽锅鸡), the brown pot on the left in the picture above. The raw ingredients are lightly boiled in the big bowl of hot soup, and then adding the noodle. The set comprises of many little dishes of internal organs which we left untouched.


There are so many variety of rice noodle and this black colour tofu (cold) mixed with hot (spicy + high temperature) noodle is one of the weirdest noodle I ever ate.



Bukit Mertajam 大山脚 – 环山是宝

I planned for a stopover at Bukit Mertajam to visit an old friend.

Tea Spa at Bukit Mertajam  大山脚森林茶坊

We arrived 2 hours earlier than our dinner appointment, so we made a ‘round-hill-tour’. Bukit Mertajam has a nicely reserved park where the locals exercise during morning and afternoon hours. I really like the tea spa at the foot hill. We sat down and tasted the tea egg (RM1.20) but no time for an hour leisure tea spa.


St. Anne's Church Bukit Mertajam 大山脚圣安纳天主教堂

I am impressed by the establishment of St. Anne Catholic Church.


Abandoned Church at Bukit Mertajam 大山脚圣山 

There is another old abandoned church near the cemetery on the way to Mengkuang Dam. The place reminds me about Angkor Wat ruins.



Ramadhan Bazaar 2013

The Ramadhan (Ramadan) fasting month falls in summer time.

Ramadhan Bazaar 2013 (9)

Bazaar has becoming a good marketplace for Muslims and non-Muslims to scout for food in the evening.

Ramadhan Bazaar 2013 (1)

We visited one of the bazaar nearby and look for the usual food choices.

Ramadhan Bazaar 2013 (12)


Malaysian International Food & Beverage 2013

2013 is the 14th trade fair for Malaysian International Food & Beverage (MiFB).

The 14th Malaysian International Food & Beverage MIFB 2013 (6)

The trade show is meant for F&B industry but it opens to public on the last day. I got the chance to taste the Thai curry with shrimp. Very nice.

The 14th Malaysian International Food & Beverage MIFB 2013 (4)

visitor without name card has to pay RM10/pax as entrance fee.

The 14th Malaysian International Food & Beverage MIFB 2013 (7)


Filipino Market @ Kota Kinabalu

There are few tourist attractions along the waterfront at Kota kinabalu city. One of my favourite markets is the Filipino Market.

Filipino Market (Kota Kinabalu) (10)

You can visit the market in the morning or at night. The main difference is the grilled fish stalls opening during the evening.

Filipino Market (Kota Kinabalu) (13)

It is a relatively small market where you can finish the tour in less than an hour.

Filipino Market (Kota Kinabalu) (9)


Burmese Foods

Burmese foods have influenced from neighbouring countries like China, India, Thailand and Indochina areas.

Burmese Foods (7)

First impression of many westerners was ‘oily’ but after they learned that the layer of oil is not meant to be eaten like gravy, then they got to know the traditional cuisine in South East Asia. As a Malaysian, we can readily adapted* to the choice of food.

Burmese Foods (19)

* the fine print is if we dare to try some of the street food.

Burmese Foods (10)

I almost wanted to try this Burmese Farlooda, but after second thought of the water source, I rathered have a healthy stomach for the rest of my journey.


Sample of Nepali Foods

I was ill during this trip thus my taste buds were malfunction.

Nepal (5)

I skipped many meals and living on energy bars and substitute drinks. So I couldn’t comment too much on the cuisine. I do like the popular Daal Bhaat (salad, tarkari vege, sag, achar, papadam, rice etc.).

hint: you get better cutlery for Royal Daal Bhaat, and not necessary better in taste.

Nepali Kwanti Soup

Legumes and beans were used as main cooking ingredient. I suspect it could be the main reason that cause bloated stomach.

Nepal (9)

Travellers seldom visit kitchen so that they have a peace of mind. When we were walking on the back lanes, we notice many of the oil used in many kitchen were …. black in colour.

Nepal (10)

I seen similar way to remove animal hair in some marketplaces. The goat was smiling at me.