Flying without wings

Saw this queen ant with torn off wings at home. I took a portrait shot and let her free to continue her mission in the garden.


On a closer look, she has 3 eyes on the fore head and little arms or ‘helping hands’ at her mouth.


There are always beauty and interesting subjects around us. We see what we like to focus on.


Kinabalu National Park

Mount Kinabalu is a prominent landmark that stands 4,095m above sea level.

Mount Kinabalu (1)

With diversified flora and fauna, the national park has been listed as World Heritage Site. I came across this weird looking insect and have no idea if it is a type of spider. It looked like an alien spaceship with long legs.

Weird insect in Borneo

Our group made a day tour without climbing Mt. Kinabalu. We stopped by Desa Dairy Farm to taste the ice cream and chocolate milk.

Desa Dairy Farm


KL Butterfly Park

I am working this weekend, thus desperately needing a break away from my computer.

KL Butterfly Park (12)

It was raining this afternoon, so we decided to drop by Butterfly Park for little exercise.

KL Butterfly Park (8)

Do not expect much from the park as there are not as many butterflies as visitors would expect.

KL Butterfly Park (2)


The moments (2012 travelogue review part 3)

Here were some of the excited moments in 2012 where I was lucky to be presence.

Ta Prohm

Angkor complex, Borobudur and Prambanan and many other ancient sites are worth visiting.





Experimental Flash Macro

After hiking at Gasing Hill, we headed to the Butterfly Park in Kuala Lumpur. The objective was to test out an experimental DIY flash that I made last night.

KL Butterfly Park (7)

All pictures were taken with JPEG. The image above was original without any cropping or adjustment. It was taken with Olympus E-M5 and 50mm 4/3 lens.

The colour came out alright. No colour adjustment on any of the photos.

KL Butterfly Park (9)


Shopping for New Year Plant

Every consumer industry is maximizing the business opportunities during the festive seasons.

Sungai Buloh Flora (5)

The flower shops have been ‘assigning’ meaning to suitable flowers. It pursues consumers to buy the good wishes. In the year of dragon, the most special plant has to be the Dragon Fruit (it is an eatable cactus fruit). I bought an unique pitcher plant as my new year ‘pet’ (it catches flies).

Sungai Buloh Flora (4)


Alien World @ Secret Garden

During Christmas 2011, I posted my first exploration of the Secret Garden. I learned my lesson and brought a macro lens to do some close-up shots.

1Utama Secret Garden (1)