Where is the wet market at Kathmandu?

Wet market is always part of my itinerary when I am visiting any new place.

Kathmandu Wet Market (13)

I faced challenge when I could not find any marketplace in the map of Kathmandu.

Kathmandu Wet Market (12)



Markets @ Bangkok

We have a weekend company trip to Bangkok. The main goal is to have Tom Yam Kong and to visit few markets.

Maeklong Railway Market

The highlight has to be the brief visit to the famous Maeklong Railway Market.


Memory Lane (Ipoh)

There is a flea market (Pasar Karat) on every Sunday morning at the Memory Lane, Ipoh.

Ipoh Memori Lane (3)

I could find many second hands and used items of the yesteryears. It really triggered my memory of the old days (I am not that old but old enough to used most of those objects before).

Ipoh Memori Lane (6)

If you dare to drink, you can buy an unopened glass bottle soft drink.

Ipoh Memori Lane (7)


Bird Market @ Yogyakarta

Personally, I think Pasar Burung is more interesting than many of the tourist attractions in Jogja such as palace or fort.

Yogyakarta Bird Market (3)

One gets to meet the locals and discover their passion for birds as a pet.

Yogyakarta Bird Market (6)


Pets @ Pasar Burung

It was an eye opener when we visited the bird market at Yogyakarta.

Yogyakarta Bird Market (7)

The variety of birds and pets were amazing.

Yogyakarta Bird Market (2)


Pasar Giwangan (Yogyakarta)

There is a less visited (by tourist) market at the outskirt of Yogyakarta town – the fruits and vegetables wholesaler market at Giwangan district.

Pasar Giwangan (1)

We visited the market by 9am, which was already too late as main activities started early 2am.

Pasar Giwangan (11)


Shopping for New Year Plant

Every consumer industry is maximizing the business opportunities during the festive seasons.

Sungai Buloh Flora (5)

The flower shops have been ‘assigning’ meaning to suitable flowers. It pursues consumers to buy the good wishes. In the year of dragon, the most special plant has to be the Dragon Fruit (it is an eatable cactus fruit). I bought an unique pitcher plant as my new year ‘pet’ (it catches flies).

Sungai Buloh Flora (4)