People and Portrait

Sangha in Bagan 蒲甘的僧伽

Close to 90% of Burmese are Buddhists.

Sangha of Bagan (11)

We were lucky to witness the Shinbyu ceremony.

Sangha of Bagan (7)

The path to becoming a monk (Bhikkhu) or nun starts with being a novice (Samanera) at tender age.

Sangha of Bagan (6)



People of Yangon

Meeting people is my favourite part of any trip.

People of Yangon Myanmar (7)

We could learn something about local folks by their attire, posture and activities.

People of Yangon Myanmar (16)

In Bagan or rural town, a hard day labour could earn 1500 Kyats (USD2). It reminds me how lucky am I when I ordered my Starbucks coffee. These construction workers at Yangon invited me to take of picture of them. They were so contented with just a glimpsed of their photo from the LCD screen.

People of Yangon Myanmar (6)

Despite the hard life at lower rank society, many Burmese are still friendly and very religious.


People whom I met (2012 review part 2 of 3)

Every individual has a story behind them. So the faces and portraits always make longer impression than the sceneries. I am glad that I met them (and many others) in the past few months.

Siem Reap Children (8)

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Portraits of Napalese 2012

There is a story behind every face.

Nepali (1)

As a passer-by, I did not have the chance to get to know everyone I met.

Nepali (7)

For that 1 second when they gave me a good eye contact, I know there lie a universal kindness.

Nepali (11)

Could you see the story their eyes were speaking to us right now?

Nepali (8)


Nepali Children 2012

People is my favourite subject during travel.

Nepali Children (9)

And children offer the purest smile and friendship.

Nepali Children (2)

Children are the future hope for any nation, and man-kind.

Nepali Children (3)



This post is dedicated to the people of Nepal for their hospitality.

Nepalese (10)

Firstly I have to give a big THANK YOU to our trekking guide and porters. Two handsome guys in the picture above who look like Bollywood stars are Krisna and Kumar. Other heroes who assisted us in a big way were mentioned in the Poon Hill trek.

Nepalese (13)

Due to the harsh environment and unstable politics, many Nepalese are living below the poverty line.

Nepalese (17)

Many Nepalese men have to leave home and find a living abroad in countries like Malaysia.

Nepalese (3)


Chinese Opera 东山青年潮剧

We stopped over at Lumut (Perak) on our way from Ipoh to Kuala Lumpur. We were lucky to watch the Chinese Opera performing at the local Chinese temple.

Chinese Opera (6)

We were even luckier to be granted access to the back stage and take a few pictures of the performers preparing for the evening show.

Chinese Opera (5)